Schools training

From our base in Cardiff, we work with both public and private schools across England and Wales

Your priority is to achieve the highest possible positive impact for your pupils. That’s why ours is to make sure your school’s staff, leaders, governors and board members have all the information and training they need to focus on their primary role.

Below are the main areas of school life and education we regularly provide training on. We can design sessions around your needs – whether you need half an hour or half a day, prefer a workshop with practical examples, or a presentation on the core legal issues that invite queries from those attending.

Additional Learning Needs

The Additional Learning Needs (ALN) and Educational Tribunal Act was passed in January 2018 and will begin to be rolled out from the start of the new school year in September 2020. Our training will help you with:

  • the implementation of new ALN legislation and statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • statutory assessments and annual reviews
  • the drafting of Individual Development Plans
  • SEN Tribunal for Wales claims
  • admission policies and admission appeals panels
  • school transport and policies (equality, restorative justice, behavioural, code of conduct, ban of parents from the premises)
  • contracts with third parties (catering, cleaning, maintenance)
  • summer schools & out of term tuition

Data Protection

The handling of personal data has always been important in a school context, but even more so since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. We can update and brief you on:

  • Data Protection policies and procedures
  • personal data breaches
  • data subject access requests
  • sharing educational records
  • determining parental responsibility
  • duties of a data controller and a data protection officer
  • Freedom of Information requests
  • intellectual property (use of images, copyright)
  • sharing information with the local authority and other third parties including EWC and DBS
  • appropriate personal data to request in respect of criminal convictions and DBS checks

Safeguarding / Child Protection

Safeguarding and child protection requirements are increasingly strict, so it’s important that your procedures are up to date. We deliver training to help you deal with:

  • duty of care issues
  • vulnerable students, mental health issues and fitness to study
  • childcare proceedings and court orders in relation to parental responsibility
  • home tuition and failure to send a child to school
  • responsibilities and duties upon school/local authority to maintain the school’s premises
  • compliance – vetting, barring and DBS checks
  • new Safeguarding Guidance for Wales

Complaints & Procedures

Complaints from parents and/or third parties can be tricky to deal with and highly emotive. We can provide guidance on the procedure to follow and some do’s or don’ts especially relating to vexatious or persistent complainants.

We can also provide training on the interplay between the school’s complaints procedure and other procedures such as:

  • admissions policies
  • exclusions
  • behavioural code of conduct
  • banning of parents
  • equality policy
  • anti-discrimination

Governance & Leadership

With the new curriculum to be introduced in classrooms in Wales from 2022, it’s crucial that schools have the right governance and leadership structure, to enable transition. That’s why we develop training tailored to Chairs of Governors, Head Teachers and Clerks, covering:

  • leadership
  • strategy development
  • managing change
  • innovation & creativity
  • strategic & enterprise risk management
  • good governance
  • a range of health & safety specific activities
  • emotional intelligence
  • decision making
  • cognitive bias
  • political understanding

Discipline & Grievance

In the event of allegations being made about or by your staff in the course of their employment, having the right procedures in place, and understanding them, is a necessity. We can deliver training on:

  • running disciplinary and grievance procedures (to include the interplay with child protection processes)
  • discrimination (disability, race, sexual orientation, transgender etc.)

To help you make fair decisions, our training also covers:

  • when to request additional evidence
  • redaction of sensitive information
  • sharing of evidence or witness statements with parties
  • removal of parents or pupils from meetings or hearings
  • human rights and equality legislation
  • apparent bias

Education Workforce Council

If a member of your staff is removed from their role, you may need to make a referral to the Education Workforce Council (EWC). This often requires schools to release sensitive information, and to give evidence at an EWC hearing. We can provide guidance and training on:

  • EWC’s principle aims as regulator
  • obligation to provide information and documentation
  • what a Fitness to Practise hearing entails
  • what to expect if asked to provide a statement or give oral evidence
  • what happens during a hearing day and how to prepare
  • practical tips about giving evidence
  • some Dos and Don’ts when at the hearing