Working at Capital

Who we are

We’re a growing law firm and consultancy business, always looking for talented people to join us.

Working nationally and internationally from our base in Wales, our lawyers and consultants cover a wide range of specialisms – with one thing in common: a shared expectation of brilliance.

We’re made up of good people who enjoy working together. Our colleagues are bold and bright, focused and friendly.

At Capital, you can expect a challenging and rewarding career, with help along the way.

Our mission

We exist to provide an outstanding legal and consulting service. We work in a modern, straightforward manner, in a way that our clients want.

Together, we are a community – free to be ourselves and encouraged to take initiative. We’re also committed to being a positive member of our wider community.

As well as supporting local charities and reducing our own environmental impact, we like to work with innovative and socially responsible clients. We also often advise policy makers on economic sustainability.


Our values

We’re always o­­­pen and approachable in the way we work with clients and each other.

We can be trusted. We stand by our word and do what we say we’ll do.

We’re not afraid of tough decisions or of saying what we think. We look for innovative ways to help clients and encourage our colleagues to think independently.

We provide the best support for our clients across all competencies. If we can’t do something excellently, we won’t do it.

We deliver our work in two ways: speaking and writing. Both must be done clearly and perfectly.

Our locations
Why Cardiff

The capital city of Wales, home to our head office, is a fantastic place to live and work.

Cardiff was recognised as the best city in the UK for quality of life, according to the EU. It’s good value for money, with short commuting times, and a vibrant, friendly atmosphere.

As well as some world class venues – like the Principality Stadium, which regularly hosts global sporting events, concerts, exhibitions and conferences, and the Wales Millennium Centre, home to the Welsh National Opera – we have a booming dining scene, beautiful parks, and remarkable schools and universities.

Just two hours away from London by train, Cardiff is surrounded by mountains to the north and by the coast to the south – offering easy access to both the countryside and beaches.


Why London

Over the last decade, our London-based work has increased to represent about half of our turnover. Having outgrown our rented space in The City, we therefore invested in a new London address which we could tailor to our needs.

The new building, in Holborn, with direct street access, creates a modern and safe working home for our colleagues and for their clients, who are also invited to use it a hub for their staff. With a combination of shared hot desk working space and a substantial social area, it has been designed with an eye on the new way of working that’s developing after the pandemic.

With this new facility and based on our proven capability to work remotely at full capacity, we hope to continue to attract lawyers from across the UK – wherever they wish to work from.


International reach

We work with clients from all over the world, often advising global companies on UK and European legal issues.

We’re members of several international networks – including Consulegis, the China Collaborative Group, and GBL Alliance – giving our lawyers plenty of opportunities to work abroad and speak at international conferences and events.

We also regularly welcome foreign lawyers to spend time working with us in our offices, and our international desks – covering countries and regions as diverse as Germany, France, the Balkans, the Middle East, China, and the US – are made up of lawyers who originate from, or are intimately familiar with, the countries they represent.