Equality & Diversity

Equality, diversity and inclusion is important for commercial success. We’ll help you get this right.

We will work with you and your employees to ensure that your working environment is aware of and compliant with the law relating to EDI and Discrimination. We will keep you up to date with all developments in legislation and Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance and practice, allowing you to make informed decisions at every stage of employment.

We advise and train on every aspect of Equality diversity and inclusion and its interaction with discrimination law. A typical one-day training session for your business could be:

  • Introduction to Equality and Diversity
  • What is equality and diversity?
  • Equality Act 2010 – who is protected.
  • Types of discrimination – key concepts
  • Equality and diversity in recruitment
  • Effective equality and diversity policies and core best practices
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing (inc. neurodiversity)
  • Menopause

We can support you to develop relevant policies and sound processes ensuring that your employees understand EDI, discrimination, whistleblowing and appropriate complaint procedures. We’re experienced in equal pay legislation and can work with larger organisations to address any gender pay gap that may be ongoing.