Employment Tribunal Claims

Being involved in employment litigation can be difficult – we’re here to support you.

We advise on all employment litigation ranging from unfair dismissals to discrimination and whistleblowing. We use our extensive experience to help you make informed decisions.

Our solutions are pragmatic. We are skilled in litigation but also in alternative dispute resolution, including judicial mediations, and we have experience defending union-backed and multi-claimant cases.

As well as businesses, we frequently act for C-suite executives in board level disputes and litigation, working nationally and internationally in cases with cross-border issues.

We have the breadth of experience to provide representation from the inception of any claim through to advocacy at a hearing. This will often include our early merits assessment, designed to equip you with a full understanding of what you face before you proceed to defend a claim.

We also act for individuals.

Our fees

Fee Breakdown

If you instruct us, we’ll give you a detailed, bespoke fee quote. Below is an estimate of what our fees could be (via the hourly rates of the lawyers involved, and exclusive of VAT, which we’ll charge on top, at 20%).

  • Simple Case: £10,000 — £12,000 plus VAT
  • Medium Complexity Case: £12,000 — £20,000 plus VAT
  • High Complexity Case: £20,000 — £35,000 plus VAT.
Factors that could make a case more complex:
  • Claims that aren’t for ordinary unfair/ wrongful dismissal, like if you’re bringing a claim because you’ve been dismissed after blowing the whistle on your employer
  • Complex factual backgrounds
  • Claims against more than one potential employer
  • Defending claims that are brought by litigants in person
  • Applications to amend claims or provide further information
  • Complex issues at the start of the claim, like who’s the correct employer or whether the claim was submitted in time
  • Costs applications
  • The number of documents relevant to the issues in dispute
  • The number of witnesses needed
  • Discrimination allegations linked to the dismissal.
Other options

Our fees may increase or decrease as your case progresses. If there are unforeseen complexities which mean we need to do additional work, for example, our fees are likely to increase. We’ll discuss any fee increase with you in advance, providing you with a new estimate.

You may have other funding options. If you have legal expenses insurance with a home or car insurance policy, for example, your insurers may agree to fund all or part of your legal fees. We can discuss the full range of options when we take your initial instructions.

We don’t offer a ‘no-win, no-fee’ service.