Ensuring Compliance: A Guide for UK Employers Hiring International Students

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In this series of video conversations, we team up with specialist immigration barristers from Five Paper Chambers to simplify key immigration issues for UK businesses.

In the third of our series, we delve into what businesses need to know about employing students.

International students who have a student visa can often lawfully work in the UK alongside their studies.

However, their ability to work is limited by conditions – in most cases international students are limited to working a maximum of 10 or 20 hours per week during ‘term time’ (outside term time there are no limits on the number of hours per week they can work). This may seem trivial, but it is crucial that businesses who employ students must understand these restrictions and how to go about ensuring these restrictions are met. If they do not, the consequences for the business and the student can be severe.

Listen to our conversation to learn more about this and the wider discussion on employing international students in the workplace.