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Our relationship to space has dramatically changed over the past 12 months, as the pandemic has forced us to do pretty much everything from home. For institutions like universities and colleges, which are so often defined as “places” of education, what does that actually mean? In this episode, our host, Sue Wardle is joined by three lawyers with complementary sector expertise: Trish D’Souza, who leads our education team, Leanne O’Brien, who leads our real estate division, and Chris Coughlan, from our tech team.

Please note, our discussion and the information given by our lawyers do not constitute legal advice. Advice subject to change.

Cast list

Trish D’Souza commercial lawyer and education lead

Chris Coughlan – commercial lawyer

Leanne O’Brien – partner and head of real estate division

Sue Wardle – host, communications director

Useful links

On 29th April, Trish and Leanne will be joined by a panel of expert to explore further how relationships with learners have evolved, and consider the long-term impact on future campus-based provision. To join the discussion, sign up here.

In March 2021, the Welsh education and training inspectorate, Estyn, has produced its report on how teaching providers have adapted their teaching and training since March 2020 to meet the needs of learners in virtual classrooms. Click here to read Trish’s summary of the findings.