EAT dismisses Addison Lee’s appeal in latest gig economy ruling

Last week, in another blow to the gig economy, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has dismissed an appeal by taxi firm Addison Lee.

In August 2017, the Employment Tribunal found that Addison Lee had incorrectly classified several of its couriers as self-employed, instead of workers. And, as workers, they were entitled to enhanced rights – most importantly, the right to paid holiday.

Addison Lee appealed the finding relating to one of its cycle couriers, Chris Gascoigne. It argued that – as well as there being factual errors in the tribunal’s assessment – Mr Gascoigne was also not obliged accept jobs it offered him. The EAT disagreed with both arguments.

Addison Lee hasn’t confirmed whether it’ll appeal further, and Employment Tribunals continue to be inundated with claims like this. For now, many commentators are wondering if – and when – the government will step in to clarify this complex area of law.

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