We like to write clearly, precisely and unambiguously, and will ensure your objectives are accurately conveyed.

Our public lawyers include experienced legislative drafters, with a deep understanding of the thought process, communication, forensic research and creative thinking required to implement policy accurately into law. We will work with you to refine your ideas into workable schemes or regulations.

Whether you are a regulator needing support in developing regulatory guidance to assist you in the exercise of your regulatory functions, or a public body wishing to issue guidance to your stakeholders to encourage behaviours or approaches, we have the skills to help you deliver those objectives.

We understand the need for diplomacy as well as clarity, in the negotiation and drafting of agreements and Memoranda of Understanding for our clients. Through genuine relationships and focussed communication, we ensure your perspectives are truly represented in negotiations, and your interests protected in each final document’s single narrative.


  • Regulation
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Agreements (including agency arrangements regarding the exercise of functions)
  • Memoranda of Understanding