Property Litigation

Our commitment to clear communication and straightforward advice is what makes our team easy to work with – but the real winners are our clients.

Discover how we can help.

We work with owners, landlords, tenants, property developers, and housing associations to iron out property disputes—no matter how complex. We can help you with three broad categories of work: disputes you or your business are having with your neighbour, disputes connected to leases and disputes related to property investments and purchases.



If you’re a landlord or a tenant, we can support you with disputes at any stage of the lease lifecycle, from the start of a new or renewed lease to ending it.

How land is used and transacted will often impact surrounding properties. Working closely with our Real Estate team, who can draft and negotiate the agreements you need, we’re on hand if a dispute occurs. We can look at your agreements and contracts, get involved with mediation, and support you through litigation, if needed.

Our aim is to make the process for resolving your dispute clear and straightforward, so that you can feel confident you’re making the right decisions within the law.