Capital helps IX Ledger launch new insurance marketplace built on the blockchain

We worked with iXledger, an alternative marketplace for insurance based on blockchain. IX Ledger’s mission is to transform the way the market trades and manages insurance products

What we did:

We’ve been its legal advisors from day one, working on a wide range of legal requirements – from regulatory issues to corporate structuring advice, as well as drafting a host of commercial and insurance agreements.

What happened:

We’ve worked as an extension of iXledger’s team, providing it with support around the clock to get the business up and running. Now, it’s a fully operational business, about to make waves in the Insurance sector.

Our Head of InsurTech, Nick Pester, says, ‘iXledger is an exciting InsurTech business which has built and launched a market-first Insurance product in extremely quick order. It’s been great to support them on the journey and we look forward to strengthening our partnership as they continue to grow.’