Capital collaborates with Tech giant Huawei on horizon-scanning for blockchain innovation

Capital has created an alliance with the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer, Huawei, to ‘horizon-scan’ and to drive further innovation and development in Distributed Ledger and Blockchain technologies.

Historically, Huawei has worked with large organisations and universities like Barclays, Yale, Harvard and Cambridge to collaborate on technology projects.

Now, Capital will connect the global giant with its network of start-up and early-stage Tech clients, to allow them to work together and identify what the next generation of Blockchain / DLT technologies may look like.

We work extensively in the Blockchain and wider Tech space, and have a wide network of student hubs, early innovators, accelerators, and start-up businesses who are among some of the leading innovators in these fields. This new collaboration offers our clients and wider network the opportunity to work alongside one of the leading technology businesses in the world, who have an open commitment to exploring new and groundbreaking technologies for the benefit of their customer base.

Nick Pester, a Partner in our Insurance and Tech practices, says:

‘This is a fantastic opportunity for so many of the great businesses that we work with, and we’re really excited about this collaboration. We’re always looking to provide value to our clients that goes beyond legal services. This chance to connect early innovators with the world of big businesses – and to play a role in horizon-scanning for what promises to be an incredibly exciting next few years in the Tech space – is a pleasure to be a part of.’