Breakfast Briefing: Employment Law Update – Preparing for Change

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2024 – Preparing for Change

2024 is a General Election year and, if the polls are to be believed, this will result in a Labour Government. Labour have promised to legislate to implement its “New Deal for Working People” green paper “within 100 days” of taking power. This will represent the biggest change to Employment Law in over 25 years giving both employees and workers significant new protections. Employers will need to consider adapting their current practices, policies and processes in order to comply with the new laws.

Change in 2024 – Labour’s Plan for employment law.

1. Creation of a “single status” of worker. There will become 2 categories of employment status. (1) Workers (2) Self Employed.

2. ALL Workers will have the same basic rights and protections including the right to bring a claim of unfair dismissal.

3. A DAY ONE right to unfair dismissal protection for ALL workers.

4. Extended time limits for bringing claims to an Employment Tribunal.

5. Removal of current limits on compensation for Unfair Dismissal.

6. Company Directors to be personally liable for unpaid Tribunal awards.

7. Prohibition on use of dismissal and re engagement (“Fire and Rehire”) for making changes to contracts of employment.

8. Ban on use of Zero Hours contracts.

9. Introduction of a legal right to disconnect from work outside of normal hours.

10. Increased Trade Union rights and protections.

11. Extended Family Friendly rights and protections.

The above changes represent the biggest shift in Employment Law for a generation and will have a significant impact on all employers and their HR teams. Many will need to consider adapting their current HR processes and policies to reflect these changes.

Who should attend?

  • HR/legal professionals.
  • HR Directors and Business Partners
  • HR Personnel
  • Anyone who manages people/a team as part of their role.

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