Media & Entertainment

If you’re in the media and entertainment business, we’ve got the experience to help you with your next project.

We’ve worked in-house ourselves, so we know what it’s like and what you need—from sorting out your talent contracts, to working on commissioning agreements, or scoping out your locations.

Whether you work in TV, film, music, theatre, publishing, or advertising, we’ll help you get the law right and make sure you know the value of what you’re giving away, or buying.

We’re also proud to work with the Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Film Festival.


You’re a writer, director, or production company

Carving up the rights to your production, agreeing things like pre-sales, exclusivity, and DVD rights can be a difficult negotiating process.

Our Intellectual Property team understands the value of what you’re working with, and will help you on tightening up your copyrights, helping you protect what you’ve created.

From production level agreements to commissioning deals or booking talent, we’ll help you finalise deals in this tricky and competitive market.

You’re a broadcaster or distributor

We understand exactly how forward thinking you have to be working in distribution. Because we’ve got experience working on projects from a production point of view, we’re well placed to help you negotiate the best deals.

We can advise you on production level agreements, as well as advertising and regulatory rules, or HR and talent contracts. We’ll negotiate with sales agents on your behalf, help carve-up your rights, and handle all your deal-making and contracts.