Securing the Future of Welsh Rugby Through Key Facility Amendments and Refinancing

Regional Rugby Refinancing: We provided advice to the Welsh Rugby Regions regarding the amendments to their facilities in collaboration with the Welsh Rugby Union.

A large part of Welsh National culture, the Welsh Rugby Regions consist of four regional sides(Ospreys, Cardiff, Scarlets, and Dragons), which represent Wales in the main domestic competition, United Rugby Championship. Having worked within the Sports sector for many years, our Banking & Finance team worked towards ensuring the Regions had the support needed to thrive in their competitive sports environment.  

With a goal of creating a more robust and flexible financial framework, the team navigated complex negotiations to amend existing facilities with the Welsh Rugby Union. New financing arrangements were then secured which would support the long-term growth and sustainability of all four regional rugby teams.

Additionally, Capital Law facilitated two new loan agreements and established new security over Scarlets Regional Limited and Cardiff Blues Limited, ensuring a robust financial structure for the future of regional rugby.

The amendments to the facilities and the new loan agreements provided a much-needed infusion of capital, which ensure a more secure and sustainable financial future. This strategic restructuring has positioned the Welsh Rugby Regions to better manage their resources, invest in talent and infrastructure, and compete at the highest levels of the sport.

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