HSBC and Victorian House Window Group Navigate Complex Debt Refinancing

Acting on behalf of HSBC UK Bank plc, we have guided HSBC UK Bank plc and Victorian House Window Group Ltd through a shareholder restructure, amending facility agreements and establishing subordination for existing debts.

We additionally advised Victorian House Window Group Ltd on the refinance of Victorian Sliders group’s CBILS financing with Lloyds Bank, providing comprehensive legal support for an overdraft and term loan facility made available by HSBC.

The financial restructuring of Victorian House Window Group Ltd involved navigating the complexities of amending existing financial agreements while acquiring additional debt. This required careful coordination to ensure all legal and financial obligations were met, including the drafting of variation letters, consent letters, and the establishment of subordination agreements.

Critical to overcoming the challenges and ensuring the successful restructure and refinance for Victorian House Window Group Ltd, we assisted in the financial restructuring, drafting and negotiating variation letters to amend the terms of the existing facility agreement.

Our support also included establishing subordination agreements for other existing shareholder debts to ensure the new financial structure’s stability. We also advised on a dual-rep basis during the refinance of Victorian Sliders group’s CBILS financing arrangements, balancing the interests of both the borrower and lender for a seamless transition.

Following the financial restructuring, Victorian House Window Group Ltd now have a streamlined and stable financial framework with amended facility agreements that better suit their needs. The successful negotiation of variation letters and subordination agreements has also allowed for the acquisition of new debt in a manner that was agreeable to HSBC UK Bank plc.

Our Banking & Finance team understands the intricacies of financial restructuring and refinancing, with significant experience in navigating complex debt refinancing and facilitating seamless transitions. So, whether it’s amending facility agreements, establishing subordination agreements, or balancing dual-rep advisory roles, we’re equipped to handle any challenges and deliver results that propel your business forward.

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