Celebrating a longstanding, successful partnership

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The Royal Mint is not only one of the UK’s oldest institutions – over a thousand years old – it is also a major employer in Wales since it moved in Llantrisant in 1968, to meet the challenge of creating the new decimal coinage. It has always been a creative, innovative business, but with the advent of cashless society, it is diversifying more than ever before. This brings risks, as well as opportunities.

Either way, lawyers from different teams across our firm (Corporate and Commercial, Disputes, Employment, Construction, Energy and Projects, and our integrated consultancy business, Capital People) collaborate daily to help The Royal Mint navigate through the challenges it faces, pre-empting and anticipating future requirements.

Our Employment team works as an extension of The Royal Mint’s HR department, advising on supplier and employee contracts, delivering staff training, offering one-to-one support with Legal Counsel and other advice to staff as needed. We also regularly help with commercial contracts and intellectual property advice, including on new coins, medals, and innovative products like the Bullion app.

In addition to this legal advice and consultancy service, we offer ongoing, onsite, legal support and continuously provide a trainee secondment to The Royal Mint.

Speaking of Andrew Rees’ and Gethin Bennett’s time on secondment, Chris Inson, Legal Counsel at The Royal Mint, said:

“Andrew made an invaluable contribution whilst on secondment with the business over a 9-month period. He assumed responsibility in updating our suite of template agreements and worked closely with the Compliance team to ensure the business was GDPR ready. Andrew displayed excellent research and drafting skills whilst carrying out a variety of tasks with different departments across the Mint. He has developed a good knowledge of our business, which cannot be under-estimated. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

“Geth joined the Royal Mint on secondment for a 9-month period and was a key part of our Legal and Compliance Team during that time. Geth is an exceptional young lawyer but as well as being very technically able it is his drive, enthusiasm and commerciality which really sets him apart from his peers. I am delighted that we will continue to work with Geth now he is back at Capital Law utilising his experiences gained to support us with complex procurement and licensing arrangements.”

The Royal Mint Suppliers of the Year awards, which took place in the Vale Resort Hotel and Spa on October 18th, recognised Capital Law’s unique understanding of The Royal Mint’s business. They rewarded the flexibility and high standard of the service provided, as well as a significant contribution to The Royal Mint’s success.

The Royal Mint thanked Capital Law for providing “quantifiable benefits, both financially and inter-personal, through its training development sessions and on-site/off-site legal advice which covers all aspects of The Royal Mint’s business portfolios. As The Royal Mint looks to re-invent itself for the 21st century, this company’s guidance and advice on legal and contractual matters cannot be under-estimated.”

Tom Kelleher, Partner at Capital Law, said:

“As The Royal Mint marks 50 years of the 50p, it’s an honour to be able to celebrate our continued successful partnership. We’re very lucky to work with such a long-standing institution, at an exciting time in its history. Our relationship has grown stronger over the years, as The Royal Mint’s evolving needs challenged us to constantly adapt our services, across the firm. All our trainees who have completed the secondment at The Royal Mint have developed close links with the team there, and I hope this close relationship continues for many years to come.”

Also recognised at The Royal Mint Supplier Awards 2019 were:

  • EDF Energy, for Best Contribution to a Safe Environmental, Social and Sustainable Supply
  • Zenith Print & Packaging, for Working in Partnership – Direct Materials
  • Control Gear, for Continuous Improvement
  • PMP, for Working in Partnership – Goods and Services
  • Eagle Engineering, for Best SME