Capital works with The Royal Mint on daffodil-inspired wind turbine

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What we did:

The Royal Mint wanted to construct a single wind turbine on a farmer’s field that sits alongside their business premises. The turbine, which is daffodil-inspired, will generate all of The Royal Mint’s energy – for its entire Llantrisant plant.

We worked with The Royal Mint to conduct land due diligence, and develop the suite of contracts that they needed for the project to go ahead. We looked at construction contracts, installation contracts, power purchase agreements, and some complex joint ventures – as well as securing land options with the farmer.

What happened:

Now, The Royal Mint has a sustainable source of energy – that will not only save it money, but also supports its renewable energy strategy, and acts as some resilience to its future energy requirements, as it’ll have access to the wind turbine’s energy for years to come.

The guidance and advice provided by Capital Law over the duration of the project has covered the complexities of multi-faceted legal and contractual arrangements, reflecting a project that has taken four years to be realised with an operational turbine – Stuart Mitchell, Procurement and Supply Chain Manager, The Royal Mint