Advising a Welsh College over pupil allegations

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What was the challenge?

A current higher education student made allegations against the college, including breach of contract, failure to uphold standards, and disability discrimination.

This case was time-sensitive and required us to act quickly due to reputational risk for our client.

How did we help?

The complaints made by the student, and the threatened proceedings, spanned several areas of law, including student contract, consumer protection, equality, and negligence.

Our intimate knowledge of these legal areas and understanding of the pressure points was vital in resolving the dispute and preventing a spiral into full-blown litigation.

We were also mindful of keeping costs down, and managing risks from a time, practical, and reputational perspective.

What was the outcome?

Our involvement enabled the college to dictate the terms of the dispute rather than the other way around, resulting in an early and cost-effective resolution for the college.

With our assistance, the college achieved an appropriate financial settlement, which adequately compensated the student for their tuition fees without the risk of protracted proceedings and adverse publicity.

Looking for education law advice?

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