Ten years of collaboration with TXO

Discover how our Corporate and Private Equity team played a critical role in supporting TXO’s vision and aspirations, and how our collaborative approach contributed to their success. TXO is a dynamic telecoms hardware solutions business that places a strong emphasis on sustainable communication networks. Operating across five continents and as a leading player in the industry, they have established a reputation for innovation and excellence in providing cutting-edge solutions that align with their commitment to environmental responsibility.

For over ten years, Capital Law has proudly partnered with TXO, fostering a collaborative and successful relationship. Our dedication to exceeding expectations and our genuine interest in understanding their unique needs and objectives have been key factors in cementing this enduring partnership.

Delivering results

As a law firm committed to delivering exceptional results, our Corporate and Private Equity team has consistently demonstrated its expertise, reliability, and commitment to client success, earning the trust of TXO’s management team.

Our collaboration with TXO has led to the successful completion of numerous significant deals, one of which includes the acquisition of MMX Communications Limited in 2019. This transformative deal expanded their global footprint, creating a combined business with an annual turnover approaching £40 million and 225 employees operating across five continents, from offices in the UK, Brazil, the US and Australia.

Furthering our collaboration, Capital has more recently advised TXO in a unique deal, one team acting for the shareholders on the acquisition of a majority stake by TowerBrook Capital Partners (a London and New York-based international investment), and another team acting for TXO’s management team on its TowerBrook backed MBO. This deal provided the opportunity for TXO to accelerate their international journey and expand their customer offering, while remaining anchored in their sustainability values.


Shaping the future together

At Capital Law, we take pride in our long-standing partnership with TXO and are committed to continuing our journey together, empowering their vision and supporting their success, shaping the future of sustainable telecom solutions.

Capital Law provided a clear path throughout the transaction and consistently rallied the right resources and knowledge to every step of the transaction. The team […] were there to support and provide the right guidance which delivered a fabulous transaction.

A sincere thank you from the shareholders and management of TXO.

Darren Pearce
TXO Group Chief Executive


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