Red Squirrel Consulting

Discover how our Disputes team supported and secured litigation funding for Red Squirrel. Red Squirrel’s CEO, Craig Hollingworth, approached Capital Law to act on its behalf in a claim for unpaid commission, replacing its previously instructed firm of solicitors.

Who are Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel is a boutique consulting firm that provides services focused on the machine-to-machine (M2M) market.

A complex litigation case

Red Squirrel’s opponent stopped paying substantial contractual commission and refused to disclose the customer data to allow Red Squirrel to calculate how much was owed to them. Red Squirrel knew that it was owed £millions but did not have the human or financial resources to commence court proceedings to compel their opponent to hand over the data and/or pay what was owed.

Capital Law were willing to investigate the claim on the basis that their fees would only be paid if they won the claim. They sourced third-party litigation funding for Red Squirrel so that it could pursue the claim to trial, if necessary. Capital also sourced ‘After the Event’ (or ‘ATE’) insurance to protect Red Squirrel against the risk of losing the claim and being ordered by the court to pay its opponent’s legal costs. For the first time, Red Squirrel had the ‘equality of arms’ to recover what was owed to them.

Despite the opponent’s piecemeal disclosure of the customer data, Capital Law obtained various court orders to compel the opponent to hand over all that Red Squirrel needed to calculate what it was owed. Red Squirrel’s litigation funding and ATE insurance arrangement also prevented the opponent from striking out the claim on the basis that Red Squirrel did not have the financial resources to pursue it.

The outcome

Capital ensured that Red Squirrel had all the expertise and resources to win the claim and this gave the opponent little option but to settle the claim before trial.

Trust and partnership

Trust must be earned. Capital’s lawyers worked with Craig, like Red Squirrel’s ‘in-house’ legal team, to ensure that he was guided clearly and confidently throughout the court process to its successful conclusion.

Craig trusted Capital to implement an agreed strategy to win the claim. Capital delivered a litigation funding and insurance package to enable Red Squirrel to pursue its court claim and got on with it, with Craig at their side at every stage.


“I trust the team implicitly. They have offered nothing but professionalism for me and my situation. My experience of receiving funding to fight my case, to winning a sensible outcome in my case, was nothing but an amazing journey.”

Craig Hollingworth
CEO, Red Squirrel Consulting

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