Debt Recovery

If your customer can pay you, but won’t, we can help.


Debt collection is not good for business. It takes you away from what you do best: making your business a thriving and successful venture. Most companies don’t have the time and resources to pursue customers and clients for the money they owe you – but we do.

We work with businesses of all sizes to collect debts of all sizes, from single debts to complete debtor ledgers worth millions. We specialise in the recovery of problem debts owed by businesses to businesses. We also advise individuals and businesses on how to prevent bad debt and what to do if you’re faced with court proceedings when attempting to recover a debt.


  • Recovering debts up to six years old
  • Tightening up your trading terms
  • Improving your aged debt
  • Saving on credit insurance premiums

You don’t have to pay anything or take on any risk: when your customer pays you, they pay us too.

We’ll look at your situation from all angles before deciding how best to go recover your debt. Our lawyers know what strategies work, so we can get your money back – plus interest and compensation – as quickly as the same day.

If your debt becomes disputed, we’ll refer you to our commercial disputes team, who have expertise in resolving disputes. Our fees become payable when your customer pays you, they are exclusive of VAT and don’t include any disbursements, for example court fees.