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Not for Profit

We help not for profit organisations with whatever challenges they face.

Our lawyers help not for profit organisations—like public sector bodies, local and central government, government-sponsored bodies, education providers, social housing associations, health and emergency services, and charities—to shape their decisions, formulate policy, innovate, and engage with stakeholders.

We’ve built strong relationships with clients who are specialists in their area, and with other professional advisors involved. Through this collaborative approach, our lawyers have developed a deep understanding of specific fields (like education, social housing, and waste/energy from waste) and skills in key areas for the public sector (like public, administrative, regulatory, state aid, and procurement law).

In addition, we offer a full range of commercial legal and consultancy services to help you with your organisational needs. Whether you’re looking for advice on employment, property, commercial and IT contracts, outsourcing, litigation or ethics and corporate governance, we’ve got you covered.

As a firm with our roots firmly in Wales, we can also advise on how Welsh legislation diverges from English law and impacts the public sector. We’re on the following Frameworks for Wales:


National Procurement Service Crown Commercial Services


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