The Hype Reports: #IoT18

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European PR agency, Tyto, has launched a new series of reports, each examining hot topics within the tech, science and innovation sector.

The first instalment of The Hype Reports takes a look at the Internet of Things (IoT).

Over 50 of the world’s leading IoT influencers, contributed to the report to help understand the reality of IoT and delve further into this hot topic. I was able to contribute from a commercial, legal perspective.

At the moment, IoT’s application is mostly within home, health and life insurance – so things like connected household devices and wearables. What hasn’t been fully realised yet is the potential of IoT in the commercial sector, to address and even mitigate substantial risks, particularly in industrial property and engineering sectors. Oversight and early detection here could save insurers millions of pounds.

I expect to see IoT more widely used in the commercial sector during 2018, although cultural barriers and legacy IT systems within businesses such as insurers means adoption has been slower than anticipated.

Click here to listen to the podcast or here to access the full report.