Rachel Hillier, Head of Financial Services Regulation, joins Board of FinTech Wales

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Following their 2023 AGM, FinTech Wales has appointed 3 new Board members and nine new panel members. Rachel Hillier, Capital Law’s Head of Financial Services Regulation, joins the Board alongside Rhys Thomas, Chief Operating Officer at Cardiff Capital Region and Lucy Cohen, Co-Founder of Mazuma.

An independent membership association, FinTech Wales is a champion of the FinTech and Financial Services industry in Wales. As the leading advocate for FinTech in Wales, they are dedicated to empowering FinTech companies and financial services within the region to achieve remarkable success.

Operating as a trade association, its member organisations are comprised of FinTech and financial services companies that are headquartered or operating in Wales. FinTech Wales helps businesses both in Wales and beyond to start-up and scale up in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, with the ultimate goal to make Wales a world leader in the global FinTech community.

Having been involved with FinTech Wales from the very start, Rachel is delighted to be appointed to the Board, so she can share her knowledge and expertise with these fantastic businesses. As FinTech Wales continues to grow, it’s essential for the organisation to continue spearheading real governance, compliance and transparency, as they become more and more important in the FinTech industry. Having a variety of industry leaders, including Rachel’s expertise in Financial Services Regulation allows FinTech Wales to benefit from diverse expertise, innovation and strategic insight.

At a recent FinTech Wales networking breakfast, Rachel commented on what the appointment to the Board means to her:

FinTech Wales not only enables businesses to connect with each other and get involved within the FinTech community. I’m really excited to join the Fintech Wales board and help this fantastic organisation continue to grow.

Speaking at the AGM, FinTech Wales CEO Sarah Williams-Gardener shared her enthusiasm for the new appointments made:

We are delighted that FinTech Wales has grown so substantially in the last year, and this AGM is the perfect time to reflect on all of the fantastic progress made and look ahead to another year with brilliant, forward-thinking people at the helm.

The Financial Services Regulation practice helps make sure you’re compliant, properly authorised, and with up-to-date contracts, so you can run your business without interruption. Whether it’s supporting FCA applications, supporting innovators to launch ideas or the application of current regulation, we’re here to help you without stifling innovation. We act as the bridge between financial services change and technology structures—a platform connecting the two sides from both a legal and commercial perspective, with specific InsurTech & FinTech expertise.

If you need support or advice on any financial services regulation aspects, please get in touch.

Find out more about the new Board members and their appointment, on the FinTech Wales website.