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It’s no surprise to see the latest statistics around the UK Tech scene, confirming that the UK currently sits only behind the US and China when it comes to growth and valuations. We’re lucky to have some of the best FinTech talent within the UK, running some very cool, cutting edge businesses—a number of whom we’ve been working with over the past year. There also appears to be no shortage of new FinTech businesses being born in the UK and moving in or expanding here from abroad.

In fact in some areas of FinTech, including InsurTech, I would actually say that the UK is currently the market leader and is perhaps 1 or 2 years ahead of where the US lies in terms of offerings and traction. This is why events like Tech Week are so important in order to confirm the UK’s position and commitment to the space, and to continue to push boundaries. Without this, positive change within the Financial Services space simply wouldn’t happen.

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