Happy Holidays to our clients and colleagues in the United States!

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Some might say there is a certain irony in a UK law firm sending holiday greetings in celebration of the US gaining independence from British rule and British law. But it is the rights, values and ideals of the US celebrated on Independence Day that make it such a close trading and cultural friend of the UK.

Both countries often face similar cultural and commercial challenges. It’s no coincidence that “Black Lives Matter” protests dominated the press in both nations recently and that we both continue to struggle to come to terms with our colonial history and the legacy of discrimination and injustice that faces the BAME community in each nation. But, the American national pursuit of “life, liberty and happiness” has a fundamental resonance with the British people, and we share an entrepreneurial spirit that leads to vibrant commercial partnerships.

Chicago baseball pitcher Bob Poser described his country as – “The land of opportunity. You just need the right people and the right work ethic, and you can accomplish anything.” As both countries face the challenge of economic recovery during a pandemic, it is this spirit that will help businesses on both sides of the Atlantic to grasp opportunities and create jobs so badly needed.

At Capital, we have a strong network of US lawyers (via international lawyer networks Consulegis and GBL) we work in partnership with to assist our UK clients to expand into the States. We also work with US businesses expanding into the UK. As part of the  Priori Legal Network, enabling American general counsel to access specialist UK lawyers here in Capital, we regularly help US companies to navigate the UK legal system and the laws of England and Wales.

So, to all our clients and colleagues who are living and working either here or in the UK, we hope you enjoy celebrating Independence Day, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with you.