Company directors and secretaries: be aware of recent changes

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Filing extensions are no longer automatic

Last year, Companies House granted businesses an automatic extension on certain filing deadlines, to help them cope with the strains caused by the pandemic. Those automatic extensions ended on 5th April 2021. Since that date, the original deadlines will apply.

However, provided that your company meets the eligibility criteria, you can still apply for an extension to your accounts filing deadline, but it’s no longer automatic. You need to proactively ask for it, and do so before your filing deadline has passed.

Enhanced powers for Companies House

Companies House has also recently announced that it is preparing to take on a bigger role in identifying wrongdoers, and for changes to the way directors file information.

According to Insider, we can expect changes in the way Companies House gathers and analyses information,  and how it collaborates with law enforcement agencies. There could also be a shift in focus, away from companies and towards the officers running them, with reforms potentially requiring directors to verify their identities.

How we can help

If your company doesn’t meet its record keeping obligations or doesn’t comply with its duties under the Companies Act 2006, it could face a fine and/or other penalties. Your director(s) or company secretary could even be prosecuted or disqualified from acting in that capacity in the future.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we can offer legal support to, or can act as, your company secretary. You can use us as much or as little as you like.

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