Business interruption insurance – Supreme Court victory

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Since the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, we’ve been reviewing hundreds of business interruption insurance policies for free, taking the cost upon ourselves to pursue the insurer where we think there is a claim.

Ten months on, the collective pressure has finally paid off. The Supreme Court’s much awaited decision confirmed the injustice at stake, by ruling that insurers have limited excuses for not to paying businesses covered under the 21 sample policy wordings included in the test case ran by the Financial Conduct Authority last summer.

Many are businesses still impacted by the ongoing lockdown restrictions, who are struggling to survive and deserve to have their claims for business interruption satisfied, where relevant, without delay.

The specific policy wording of each individual claim will still need to be considered against the ruling, though, to establish whether there is cover. If you’d like us to review yours, it’s easy: you can submit it via this short form.