Immigration Applications


Our fees will depend on the type of application required and if you instruct us, we will give you a bespoke fee quote. For straightforward visa applications for high potential or talented individuals or those with innovative business ideas, our fees are typically between £2500-£5000+VAT. VAT is charged at 20%.

Our fees could be higher if:

  • we feel more evidence is needed in support of your application
  • you have a complicated immigration history
  • there are changes to the immigration processes, guidance or rules which mean we need to change our approach

Our fees may increase or decrease as your application progresses. If there are unforeseen complexities which mean we need to do additional work, for example, our fees are likely to increase. We will discuss any fee increase with you in advance, providing you with a new estimate.

Key Stages of the process

Our advice and support is likely to involve:

  • Discussing your situation and immigration history with you and reviewing any relevant documents
  • Considering and discussing your options with you and whether you meet, or are likely to meet the required eligibility criteria for each applicable route
  • Advising you on the evidence you will need to gather in support of your application
  • Guiding you through the application process itself
  • Liaising with you throughout the process
  • Helping you respond to any queries raised by the Home Office on your application
  • Advising you on the outcome of your application and your next steps


What our work would not include

We do not submit applications on your behalf but we will guide you through the process of doing so.

Additional costs

As part of your application, there may be additional costs which will be separate to our fees, including:

Fees payable to Ecctis for confirming that you meet the required English language requirements or have the required qualifications

Any translation fees to have documents translated into English or Welsh

Visa application fees which can be found here

Any fees payable at a Visa Application Centre

How long will the application take:

How long it takes to submit your application, will depend on how complex your situation is and what supporting evidence needs to be gathered. We can discuss this with you in more detail on a case by case basis. Once the application has been made, the processing times are decided by the Home Office and more information on these can be found here and here.

Who will handle my application?

Our team of immigration specialists have a wealth of experience in dealing with immigration applications. Our immigration team sits within our employment team at Capital, which is headed by Richard Thomas.